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What are LeagueSafe's fees?

Laura Drew
posted this on March 29, 2013, 14:59

Using LeagueSafe's default payment option, league members can pay their entry fees for free via e-check (bank transfer). In order to make LeagueSafe possible, there are nominal fees for certain transaction types, as follows:


E-check: FREE

Balance Transfer (i.e. paying with previous winnings): FREE

Credit Card: 3% of the transaction amount


Amazon.com Gift Card claim code: no cost

E-check: $5.00

Paper check (standard): $2.00

Paper check (expedited): $7.00


Be default, no payments are allowed after a league's payment deadline. Optionally, commissioners can provide incentive for on-time payments by activating the Late Payment feature. LeagueSafe charges a late fee of $5.00 to $10.00 per payment, depending on your selected sport. Late fees only apply if the league commissioner opts in to the Late Payment feature, and are clearly disclosed to league members throughout the payment process.

LeagueSafe's fees are clearly disclosed in our Terms of Service and on our website.

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