How Can I Keep My LeagueSafe Account Secure?

At LeagueSafe we take your account security very seriously. It's your money! We want it to be safe and secure from deposit to withdrawal, and we do our best to ensure that happens. Let's be real though, there are nefarious folks out there looking for an angle to access your online information and accounts, and LeagueSafe is one of those sites that the bad guys can target.

It is for that reason that LeagueSafe encourages each member to take additional precautions to keep their account secure. To help ensure your account is as locked down as possible, follow the steps below.

1. Use Facebook or Google to log in to your account
If you utilize Facebook or Google to log in to your LeagueSafe account, your account information is secured unless someone breaches your Facebook account or Google email address. Both Google and Facebook have great security features in place to alert you of malicious activity upon log in from other sites, plus you don't have to remember different passwords.

2. If you still want to log in with your email address, set up a strong & secure password
Our site requires a seven character password with at least one number or special character, but we suggest that you use a password that has both capital and lower-case letters along with numbers AND special characters. We also recommend that you do not use the same password for LeagueSafe that you use for other sites.

3. Use two-factor authentication
It's easy to use and it adds an extra layer of security to your account. Just enter in your cell phone number and we will shoot you a text with a log in code whenever you log in. This is an option if you sign in via Facebook or Google through their service in account settings, both Facebook and Google have options to do this.

With these simple steps you can do your part to help keep your account information and funds safe and secure.


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