Can I make a payment to my LeagueSafe account (Fanball Wallet)?

Yes. Everything has changed. Up is down. Blue is orange. Cats and dogs are living together. And now...

You can fund your LeagueSafe account (Fanball Wallet) with one lump sum and use the funds to pay for several leagues on LeagueSafe.

Go to to make a deposit to your Fanball Wallet account. Click the DEPOSIT FUNDS button, choose an amount to deposit, select your payment method (debit/credit card or PayPal) and make your deposit.

Then go back to your LeagueSafe dashboard and click PAY NOW on any leagues for which you'd like to make a payment. Ta-da!

Hint: there are no deposit fees of any kind when you make a payment to your Fanball Wallet. Although you can still incur late fees on LeagueSafe if you're paying late.

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