Fanball Wallet Instant Bonus Offer

The folks at Fanball are spreading the holiday cheer the only way we know how, with more fantasy sports. This winter we're offering a pretty compelling offer to the winners who want to continue playing on the Fanball, CDM Sports and NFC properties.

Say you want to roll your fantasy football winnings into some DFS basketball at Fanball or want to try your hand at a big fantasy baseball contest over at CDM or the National Fantasy Baseball Championships, our new shared Fanball Wallet allows you to do so seamlessly.

Oh, and we'll kick you a few extra bucks if you keep playing. It's called the Fanball Wallet Instant Bonus Offer, or the FWIBO. I wanted to call it the Domantas Sa-BONUS, or even the Super Mega SHOCK BONUS, but the big wigs thought that was confusing.

How does the instant bonus offer work?

When you select a bonus offer your are committing to keep the specified amount of funds in your Fanball Wallet account for future play on Fanball, CDM Sports or NFFC/NFBC.


After accepting the offer, the bonus is instantly applied to your account. Bonuses can be used to enter contests only and cannot be withdrawn at any time. Your winnings, however, are yours to do with as you please.

Where can I use my bonus funds?

  • You can use your instant bonus on any Fanball, CDM or NFC entry fee. 

  • Bonuses can not be used to pay for LeagueSafe dues.

How are entry fees deducted from my bonus?

  • Your bonus funds are not available until your held amount has been played through on one of our eligible sites at least one time.

  • This means that your bonus is available to enter contests once the funds you committed to hold have been been spent on eligible entries.

  • So if you keep $20 in your account, once you play through that $20, your $5 bonus will be available for play in your next contest.

How long will my bonus be available on my account?

  • Instant bonuses will expire one year from the date they are claimed.   

  • Any or all bonus funds remaining will expire one year after the date they are claimed.

  • Committed play-through funds associated with this bonus will not be affected and can be withdrawn or used in contest entries at any time.

  • Any winnings earned in contests entered using your held or bonus amounts will go direct to your overall Fanball Wallet balance and will be available for withdrawal at any time at no penalty.

Why is the dollar amount listed in the Fanball header different than my funds available for withdrawal listed in the wallet?

  • The amount listed in the Fanball header represents your total playable funds.  This includes any regular funds plus any committed play-through and bonus funds.

I changed my mind.  Can I withdraw the money I elected to keep in my account?

  • Yes. You may withdraw your funds at any time.  

  • Any withdrawal that includes any portion of your committed play-through funds will result in a forfeiture of the bonus received.

    • Example #1: If you won $100 on LeagueSafe and then committed to holding $20 in your Fanball Wallet, your Wallet amount would increase to $105 (the $5.00 bonus would be included). If you decided to withdraw all of your funds before playing through, you'd only be eligible to withdraw your $100.

    • Example #2: Same as above, you won $100, committed to $20, receiving $5.00 in bonus. Then you played $10 worth of games on Fanball. Your available Fanball Wallet balance would then show $95, but you'd be limited to withdrawing only $90 as you did not play through the held amount nor the bonus amount.

How do I know how much of my playthrough or bonus is remaining?

Other things we need to mention...

  • This Fanball Wallet Instant Bonus offer is for a limited time.

  • Only one bonus can be redeemed per account, so go big or go home.

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