NEW! How to INVITE OWNERS to your league.

At LeagueSafe we're always growing and making tweaks to the product to make it better.

In part of a multi-step release to improve the way you add and invite owners to LeagueSafe leagues we've made a couple of recent changes.

There's a couple of ways you can invite members to make a payment to your LeagueSafe league.



1. The League Payment Link.

The easiest way is at the top of your league's dashboard. It's your league's payment link listed right below your league name.

Copy that link and paste it:

  • In a personal email to your league members
  • In a text message (if you're accessing via mobile)
  • On a league message board post
  • Anywhere else you can post a link (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, MySpace, LinkedIn an AOL chatroom, etc.)

When you invite league members using this method, it will NOT add them to your league roster. Once they pay they will show on your LeagueSafe league roster as a paid member.


2. The NEW Notify Owners button

This option has two options. The same link that we explained above AND our new AutoNag/Email feature.


You can share that link as explained above or you can add a list of email addresses to your league.

When you add a list of email addresses it does the following:

  • It instantly sends out an email to that address with your payment link
  • It will continue to send an email to that address twice weekly until that email has registered and made a payment (if a user makes a payment using a different email address, it's still going to email them, so make sure that you have listed the correct email)

It will NOT add them to the league roster on LeagueSafe though, not until they make a payment.


3. The Manage Owners tab

The Manage Owners tab works just like it did before. If you add an owner to the league on here, they will appear on your league roster. You have to do this one-by-one. You can alter individual owners' commissioner status and entry fee from this window as well.


More improvements on the league invitations coming very soon!

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